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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Worker Misclassification: Does Action By Attorney General Cuomo Portend Even Greater Enforcement Activity In New York Under A Governor Cuomo?

Posted in Litigation, State Law, Wage & Hour

In prior articles and blog entries, we have reported on the ever-increasing and intense focus of federal and state government on issues of worker misclassification, as lawmakers and agencies around the country have heightened enforcement activity and potential penalties against businesses suspected of misclassifying employees as independent contractors.  New York State has been leading the charge… Continue Reading

UK Legal Update: Bribery Act 2010

Posted in Labor, Legislation

The Bribery Act 2010 is due to take effect in the UK in April 2011. The Act provides that commercial organisations may be criminally liable for failing to prevent bribery (whether offered or received) by persons providing services to the business, including employees, agents and subsidiaries. It is not just UK companies, however, as overseas… Continue Reading

Parting Gifts from the Governator – California’s Significant New Employment Laws

Posted in Legislation

As previously reported here, the California legislature ended its regular session by sending a mixed bag of bills to the Governor for consideration.  Most were vetoed but those that were signed into law present some new challenges and opportunities on topics ranging from organ donor leave to meal period relief for some employers to a… Continue Reading

The Trouble With Background Checking

Posted in Discrimination

An issue arising more frequently recently concerns the use of background check results in making decisions regarding hiring and termination of employees.  Some commentators believe the frequency with which the issue has arisen is a result of more regular use of background checks, the greater relative ease in checking individuals’ employment, credit and criminal history,… Continue Reading